Feb. 14th, 2009

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Happy Valentine's Day, Lost and True Blood fans!

To celebrate, we're spending a little heart-to-heart time with a couple you might not even know are married in real life: Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus on Lost) and Carrie Preston (redheaded waitress and serial killer bride Arlene on True Blood). They had me over to their brand-new L.A. house for chocolate and cookies and scoop...my three favorite things!

Plus, because it's the day of love, I'm bringing you scoop on the rest of your favorite TV couples, including Gossip Girl, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Fringe, The Office and Brothers & Sisters.

Also, we need to clear something up! When I called Lost's Benjamin Linus a "conniving son of a Michael Emerson's wife in real life" in the most recent Lost Redux, I was not trying to call his lovely wife Carrie Preston any sort of bad name. Carrie actually played Ben's mother on Lost, see, so that's what this crazy, hormone-riddled noggin' was trying to say.

In fact, you should know, Carrie and Michael are just about the sweetest people you could meet—and he is decidedly nothing like Ben/Henry in real life! Not only did he and Carrie send me a sweet baby gift after the interview (seriously, who does that?), I just spotted him yesterday walking toward his house with a pretty bouquet of flowers.

And you ladies thought Jack and Sawyer were Lost's greatest catches. Pshaw.

Source: E-Online

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To hear the audio, click on the banner.

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Screencaps of the interview with Kristen are up:


Also, some missing screecaps from LOST: Episode 5X05 are up:


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snivellusfriend of the Michael Emerson Fan Board created a transcript of the new Kristen of E-online interview with Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston for those who either do not understand spoken English well or who may be blind and have reading device for their computer. Hope you enjoy it. I found out that I had missed some dialogue when I first watched. The transcript was very helpful.
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