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The gallery has 101 diff pictures of Michael in Paris from all sorts of sources.

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"I want to see if there truly is a change of direction and spirit that is consistent with what people are feeling now," says Michael Emerson, who plays Benjamin Linus on "Lost." "I'm also curious to see where "Lost" is going because God only knows how it will all look in the end."

Source: USAWeekend

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Bigger version here:

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This one was taken at his house:

Larger one is kept here:

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I confess I love LOST. I watched the first three seasons on my computer via iTunes—one episode after the other. It took me 2 months to get through them all. The show is totally addicting. Anyway we all ran into Michael Emerson and Kings the other day during lunch. Dope!


Source: Matt's CoopBlog

Photo here: http://michaelemerson.net/coppermine/displayimage.php?album=161

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Recently, Michael Emerson visited 'Iolani School, speaking to the cast and crew of Antigone and members of the Lost Fan Club.  I posted the article in this blog. I now obtained the high-resolution pictures from the school's director of communications. You can view them here:


Here are the teasers:

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In 1992, when Michael Emerson was about 38 years old, he made a training video for the Bureau of Prisons. He played the counselor of a very irate inmate. The plot was about how to deal with a confrontatious inmate without using brute force. Anyway, this man was gorgeous even as a younger man.

I made 125 screen caps of that video. Here's a sample of what the screen caps look like (these pictures are smaller than the actual screen caps:

Should you want to see them all, go to this site:


Click on "Album list," scroll down to "Training Films," and click on "Screen Caps for Training Film for the Bureau of Prisons."  Or just click here:

Screen Caps for a Training Film for The Bureau of Prisons


125 files, last one added on Apr 25, 2007

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Michael did a podcast with Comic Book Insider. Here's a photo that they had taken:

The larger version can be viewed here: http://www.michaelemerson.net/coppermine/
It is under "Personal Appearance," "Podcast CNI."


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