Jan. 22nd, 2009

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When I got on the plane in Honolulu, it was 80 degrees,"

Michael Emerson says. When I got off the plane here Saturday evening, it was 20."

Back on the East Coast on his holiday hiatus, Emerson, who plays the enigmatic Ben Linus on ABC's Lost" (season five premieres on Wednesday, Jan. 21), reports that filming had progressed more than halfway through the season before he left.

And he's still not sure what's going on.

The scripts were ambitious and confusing and had strong momentum from the get-go," he says. I was happy to see how much clever storytelling there was, and as we go along, it gets really amazing and crazy and shocking.

There were a couple of times this year when I've just thrown down a script and said, 'No way; you must be kidding!' But they're not. They're going to go ahead and do it."

Lost" has flashbacks and flash-forwards, and the island on which the show is set seems to have somewhat flexible relationships with time and space.

'Fractured' is the word I keep coming up with," Emerson says.

A classically trained stage actor, Emerson finds that experience useful in negotiating the strange, shifting world of Lost."

The stage does prepare you," he says, to live in alien worlds and alien times. If you've spent your life learning how to sell a certain kind of writing on the stage, you're in a better position to sell the sometimes preposterous situations you find yourselves in, in this fantasy genre."

According to Emerson, this season rises to a new level of complexity, where the already established system of times that the show operates in -past, present and future -now they begin to scramble and dance with one another and recombine and start flowing around each other in an interesting way."

Birthplace: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Sept. 7, making him a Virgo.

Marital cred: Wed to actress Carrie Preston of HBO's True Blood."

School cred: Graduate of the Professional Actor Training M. F. A program at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, and Drake University, with a degree in theater TV cred: Recurring role on arts.The

Practice"; guest roles on The District," The Education of Max Bickford," Law & Order: Criminal Intent," TheX-Files," Without a Trace," Skin," Whoopi," Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and

The Inside."

Film cred: Playing by Heart"

(1998), The Laramie Project" (2002), Saw" (2004), The Legend of Zorro" (2005), Jumping Off Bridges" (2006)

Source: Nugget.ca

My thanks to  Robert Dougherty  for this find.


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